Industry Updates

January 2023 Update

Vermont AG files lawsuit against Nano Hearing Aids...falsely claimed their products were "FDA Approved" and made in America.

HearAdvisor launches audio lab to test prescription and OTC hearing aids for consumers to compare. the first to get the data and recordings. See example here.

OTC hearing aids make splash at CES. JLabs says it will make $99 hearing aids. Eargo announces Eargo7. At $3000 a pair!!! HP teams up with Nuheara to launch HP Hearing Pro.

Dr. Cliff fact-checks CNBC segment on hearing aid prices.

Study suggests that Tinnitus Retraining Therapies via smart devices have similar outcomes to conventional TRT.

Michigan congresswoman reintroduces bill to expand Medicare into hearing coverage.

Stimulating the brainstem may help cochlear implant users by promoting neuroplasticity.

WS Audiology opens solar park and commits to reducing greenhouse gas emissions 50% by 2030....already generates 41% of its electricity using renewable resources.

Police department found to have discriminated against an officer with hearing loss. Another woman wins 180k from hospital...was fired for "being deaf".

Jan 18, 2023
Industry Updates

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Industry Updates


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