Facebook Ads for Hearing Aid Companies

Below, you will find a review of the Facebook ads being run by some of the larger hearing aid companies. Many of these companies had 10+ active Facebook ads, so I included 3-6 max and covered the other ads in the summary or 'common phrases' section of each company.  I hope you find this helpful! appears to focus on products with their ads, particularly the Styletto X as a "recently unveiled" product. They are clearly trying to promote this product as being groundbreaking in design, which is not a bad strategy. The seem to lean heavily on the messaging that they are a "world-leading provider" of hearing aids to establish trust. They also use emojis in almost every ad and tend to use simple video ads (typically a rotating product) as the ad type.

Some common phrases for

  • World-leading provider (trust)
  • Future of hearing aids
  • Risk-free trial
  • Financing Available
  • Recently unveiled hearing aid
  • Get ready to hear again in style

Zip Hearing

Zip essentially uses the same ad and duplicates it for the different brands. Using the same copy of "Save Big" and "Saving $ on legit hearing aids", they are clearly going after the price shoppers while also positioning themselves against other online companies with the "legit" qualification. A single-image ad is their primary ad type.

Some common phrases for Zip Hearing

  • Save Big
  • Legit [Brand] Hearing Aids
  • Why overpay?


Miracle-Ear seems to also focus on product, but more on the features, like invisibility. They also use the "free comprehensive hearing test" call-to-action on most ads. They also use a single-image ad type.

Some common phrases for Miracle-Ear ads

  • Almost Invisible
  • Free comprehensive hearing test


Ascent Audiology

I used a local Ascent Audiology clinic as an example because their ads are the same as many other Ascent practices - a sign that Ascent (part of Starkey) is creating ads for their partner practices. These ads tends to use a lot of emojis and they also promote a free online hearing test in their ads. They also tend to use single image ads.

Some common phrases for Ascent Audiology ads

  • Free (Online) Hearing Test
  • Looking for 15 people
  • Untreated hearing loss
  • Free Hearing Screening

Connect Hearing

Connect has an interesting ad strategy compared to other large companies in that their ads are all distinctly different. It was hard to find any similarity between them. They tend to use single image ads, although they are running a few video ads with simple, short, product-focused videos.

Unlike the others, I didn't see any common phrases fo Connect Hearing. Each ad was different with very little shared copy.


Lively appears to use the most ad types, as they had single image, carousel and video ads in their ad library. They tend to focus on product features (like streaming and rechargeability) but also focus on service offerings like telehealth.

Some common phrases for Lively ads

  • Bluetooth
  • Telehealth Included
  • Smart hearing aids
  • Smarter way to buy


When marketing online, I think it's important for the smaller companies to have some visibility into what the larger companies are doing. Luckily, Facebook gives anyone the ability to see the FB ads of any active campaign (see below on how). Pay attention to the types of visuals and messaging these companies use and test them out with your practice when appropriate.

Watch this video to see how to spy on your competitions Facebook ads.

Oct 4, 2020

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