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December 2022 Update

Governments are worried that Oticon Medical and Cochlear merger will lead to higher prices. Would lead to a 90-100% marketshare in UK bone conduction market! Regulatory authorities in UK, Europe and Australia now looking at the deal.

Hearing aids of the future will read lips? Learning algorithms correctly interpreted data up to 95 percent of the time for unmasked lips, and 80 percent for masked!

Study claims Apple Airpods work nearly as well as prescription hearing aids. Study only had 21 participants and authors admit that patients preferred the prescription devices.

APD Awareness raised by Fetterman Senate campaign. According to Google trends, interest has already been growing over last 2.5 years. Over 1M views on this 2021 TED talk probably didn't hurt either.

Google trend of Auditory Processing Disorder (condition)

XRAI NReal Glasses use augmented reality to turn speech into subtitles! Cost $379 at Amazon although reviews are mixed.

Audiology Plus sold to "serial entrepreneur" Rithesh Menon. Menon was listed as the COO for the Courier Newsroom when they received an FEC complaint about their tax-exempt status.

Wanna get away? New Zealand is currently dealing with an Audiologist shortage.

Two Audiologists launch online sales training program.

In one of the strangest branding moves in recent history, Lively changes its name to Jabra Enhance. They lost $21M in 2022, yet were purchased for almost 95M.

Will these OTC manufacturers make any money? Another quarter of losses for Eargo. So far in 2022, they have 24M in revenue, yet their cost of goods and total expenses are 112M!

Cha-ching! Global hearing aid market expected to almost double during this decade.

Audiology practices now getting smartphone apps for their patients.

Walmart is officially getting into the OTC hearing aid game. Lexie, Lucid and GoHearing brands dominating the placements right now.

Walmart OTC hearing aid page

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Dec 8, 2022
Industry Updates

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