Cool New Tech for Modern Audiology Practices

Audiology practices are increasingly embracing innovative technologies to improve patient satisfaction, streamline clinic operations, and distinguish themselves from the competition. Here are five cool tech solutions that are transforming audiology practices: the Audiology Practice App, Email Audomation, HearVu, an Audiology ChatGPT Chrome Extension, and the Lantos 3D ear scanner.

Audiology Practice App

A cutting-edge smartphone app specifically designed for audiology practices, the Audiology Practice App offers numerous features, such as push notifications, hearing aid support videos, device manuals, and a tinnitus sound player, that enhance patient satisfaction and reduce communication friction. The app is customizable, allowing practices to choose the videos and support materials they want to include, and works on both iOS and Android devices.

Email Audomation

Email Audomation is a turnkey database marketing solution that enables audiology practices to automate their marketing campaigns, delivering professional, effective, and engaging content. The solution includes a variety of email campaigns and direct mail pieces designed and written by Dr. Brad Stewart in collaboration with Counselear and Bluewing Direct Mail. Email Audomation helps practices overcome common challenges such as copywriting, deciding when and what to send, and managing complexity.


HearVu is an innovative software solution that brings the audiogram to life, providing patients with a clearer understanding of their hearing loss. It offers video animations of the ear, an interactive audiogram with filtered speech capabilities, and educational diagrams on the implications of untreated hearing loss. HearVu can be personalized with brand logos and colors, making it an essential, holistic tool for hearing healthcare.

ChatGPT Chrome Extension

This AI-powered Chrome extension offers audiology practices an efficient way to handle marketing, communication, and productivity tasks. With Audflow's AI assistant built into the Chrome browser, Audiologists and their staff can easily generate social media content, simplify clinic notes, create email campaigns, respond to patient reviews, write blog posts, and streamline communication, all within their browser.

Lantos 3D Ear Scanner

The Lantos 3D Ear Scanning System is a state-of-the-art technology that captures digital impressions of patients' ears for personalized hearing solutions. Using patented technology, the scanner maps the unique geometry of the ear by inflating a single-use membrane inside the ear canal, capturing over one million data points. The Lantos Cloud securely stores patient scans, facilitating easy ordering of additional custom products without requiring an office visit.


These innovative technologies are revolutionizing audiology practices, enhancing patient experiences, and streamlining operations. They add value to patients, who increasingly have more options for their hearing healthcare. With increased access to artificial intelligence, more innovation in this space is likely. Practices that adopt these technologies can set themselves apart from competitors and offer exceptional patient care in the modern digital age.

May 8, 2023

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